Wild Beekeeper

Hello ———, my name is Mark van Dam. Bee keeping has been my passion for 15 years.I would like to introduce to you a health product I have been working on for about five years.It is pure, natural, raw honey. Untreated, non-heated, non-filtered and non-strained. It has no added water, sugar nor syrup added AND has the following “health from the hive” added in: I have worked on this RAW HONEY mixture for five years.

How this natural mix of honey was “discovered”

Years ago a neighbour requested removal of a swarm that had been living in their roof for many years. After scooping out the wax, pollen and honey and then cold filtering it, we thought the taste of the mix was ambrosial!
It was decided to create our own “wild honey” mix thereafter.

The mix made from purely bee produce has several unique features:
It’s raw, coastal, unheated, unfiltered honey.
It is an all natural, artisan, hand-crafted product with no additives.
It comes from a small enterprise, with himself, beekeeper Mark, living on the WILD ATLANTIC WAY,
doing all the work by hand.

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